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Airfield Poreč


The Sports Airport in Poreč is registered by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (HACZ) as the Registered Landing and Take-Off Area Poreč-Škagacer (abbreviated: RPSU-Poreč).

The operator of RPSU-Poreč is Aeroclub "Cumulus" - Opatija, which is the responsible manager of the sports airport in accordance with the Air Traffic Act and the Aviation Safety Order ASO-2019-001.

The runway is located at an altitude of 92 ft (28 meters), is 566 meters long, 20 meters wide, and the orientation of the USS is 19-01. The surface of the runway is earthy / grassy.

The frequency used at the airport is 123,500 MHz, while flying above 300 m is controlled by the flight control in Pula on the frequency 124,600 MHz.

RPSU-Poreč is basically used for parachute activities of Aeroclub Cumulus, and an AD-HOC airspace structure has been established reserved for parachute activities that extends to a height of FL130.

Pilots of aircraft wishing to land at RPSU Poreč are required to obtain approval from Aeroclub Cumulus.

The conditions for obtaining operator approval are:

• Fill in the application form

• Meet the requirements prescribed by ASO-2019-001

(Configuration and weight of the aircraft that does not damage the grass runway, factory performance of the aircraft that guarantees safe landing and take-off from the available runway measuring 566 x 20 meters)

• Announce your planned operations to the operator


Request for operation approval on Poreč Airfield

VFR manual

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