The need for adventure, with all its dangers, is deeply imprinted in all of us. The soul seeks passion, freedom… Everyone needs a way to find at least a part of themselves… a part that is lost in the modern way of life, and at 4000 meters altitude… everyday life more
it doesn't matter.

There are no deadlines, cell phones, meetings…. Those 50 seconds erase all stress, all fatigue. It’s a time that reminds you of how much you can be thankful for in life…. a time when your wings grow and you learn again and again to look at life differently, more positively…. The moment when you are above everything again… I have never met a paratrooper who could put it into words and describe what he feels or what he is thinking then.
I, feel everything… and feel nothing. I think about everything od but of all the thoughts, I am deeply aware only of the look, the colors and the current height. It is only when I touch the ground again that excitement arises, an irresistible need to get back up there. Trying to figure out once again what is so appealing in this… and I know only one… repetition is the mother of knowledge.

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